Tasse, Flora


Flora is the Head of CV/AR at Streem. She specialises in AI applied to Computer Graphics and Vision problems faced in AR/VR. Her team at Streem is making the mobile phone's camera more intelligent, by building AI agents that can understand images/videos and augment them with relevant interactive virtual content.

She joined Streem, after it acquired her startup Selerio, which was spun out of her PhD work at Cambridge University. At Cambridge, Flora research focused on 3D shape retrieval using different query types such as 3D models, images/sketches and range scans. This work was awarded the 2013 Google Doctoral Fellowship in Computer Graphics and published in various top-tier venues, including ICCV and SIGGRAPH Asia.

She has served on several international program committees such as ICML, ICLR and Eurographics. Notably she was Paper Chair of the 2019 & 2020 Black in AI workshops, co-located with NeurIPS. She was recently named by Wired UK as one of the 32 innovators in the world who are building a better future.